Why our Engineers play a team sport
Get to know our Head of Engineering, Luis Domingos, and find out what working in our Product & Tech department is all about.

Interview with Luis Domingos, Head of Engineering

How did you start working at Exporo?

Luis Domingos: I started as a Freelancer. At the time I wanted to try out new stuff, after working some years in consultancy. Exporo had just what I wanted: a modern tech stack, good culture and challenges to overcome. Gradually responsibility and trust started to grow and we could build a cool team with people from Germany, Portugal and Poland. And even a new office in Lisbon :)

When you started at Exporo, what was the most decisive reason that made you join us full-time?

Luis Domingos: I truly like the way Exporo is not afraid to attribute responsibility and expect autonomy. And usually retribution is trust and commitment. That allowed me, and others, to grow professionally, also we felt we were innovating and “rowing the boat”. The Head of Engineering at that time, my predecessor, and other seniors in the company are really good mentors, and not afraid to do that.

Soon after you joined Exporo you had the opportunity to become Head of Engineering. What is the greatest part of this job?

Luis Domingos: I would say don’t forget to care. Speak with people and participate in their day-to-day challenges. And learn a lot about technology, finance, and also people! Those are the best parts.

What do you think is the best thing about our Tech Team?

Luis Domingos: We all love the knowledge we inherited and built. There is a lot of knowledge here :) Plus the ability to shape things. The vibe is really good!

What do you want to say to people who want to join us?

Luis Domingos: I personally have grown so much when I look back. It’s to work in a cutting edge tech stack and learn with the best in this business.

What do you look for when hiring?

Luis Domingos: People who like to program, design and think and talk and feel well.

If your team were a sports team, they would be …

Luis Domingos: They surely would not be chess or tennis players. Knowing the value of doing things together is so important, in my opinion.

Describe yourself in three words?

Luis Domingos: I’m just a guy, but also a unique person that will never ever exist again :) so…”hopefully nice person”.

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