Interview with Backend Web Developer Hosnayen Siddiquee

Interview with Backend Web Developer Hosnayen Siddiquee

As we think that the people behind Exporo are one of our keys to success, we want to dive into Exporo’s team culture and see what benefit each team member gives to our organization. Our new blog series “Behind the scenes of Exporo” will offer exclusive insights and interviews with some of our valuable team members.


Exporo has 7 web application developers. One of them is Hosnayen Siddiquee. As a backend developer, he works closely with the CRM team and is responsible for implementing codes and optimizing processes in order to make sure everything runs smoothly in our complex backend. Hosnayen studied computer science and engineering and later worked as a software developer before joining our Exporo team in 2016.

Hi Hosnayen, tell us a little about yourself!

Hosnayen: I am Hosnayen Siddique and originally from Bangladesh. I have completed my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Science and Technology Chittagong. Chittagong is also a port city like Hamburg. After graduating in computer science and engineering, I worked in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka for two years. After that I came to Frankfurt, Germany to do my Master’s degree in information technology. For some reason I didn’t like the course. So, I quit and started working in Frankfurt as a software developer at bitcaster GmbH for 1.5 years, prior to moving to Hamburg to join Exporo in May 2016. It is above all the location of Hamburg which appeals to me. It is a city with great quality of life - I like it very much.

What do you do at Exporo?

Hosnayen: I am a backend developer. As a team we actually build interactive features, micro services by cutting-edge technologies to serve a large number of audiences for our investment platform.

Can you name an example of how your work directly effects the efficiency and usability of the platform?

Hosnayen: Our customers rely on the running of their investment process. If something goes wrong from the technical point of view, it doesn’t matter to the end user what happened. For us it’s really important to handle the platform processes smoothly. We at Exporo work daily to offer our customers the best user experience offer.

What makes working for Exporo different from other start-ups? What do you like in particular?

Hosnayen: First off, I already mentioned that Hamburg is a nice city, right? As a software developer at Exporo it has been a really versatile experience. Before I used to work in a software firm. Exporo is really different from the places I worked at before: Exporo is not only an innovative crowdfunding platform but also gives employees the opportunity to develop thereselfs. From the business perspective, I learned a lot at Exporo. The most important thing I should point out is that Exporo is a really friendly environment to work in.

"All of our colleagues are really nice to each other. We are like family working together as a team. I really enjoy it!"
What does a typical work day as a programmer/developer look like at Exporo?

Hosnayen: As a software developer you have a certain kind of freedom. Time is flexible. You can start whenever you like. At 11 am we have a daily stand-up meeting and it’s all about “Sprint”. We have many tickets in “Sprint” and one lasts for two weeks. All developers participate in the stand-up meetings and talk about which tickets they are working on currently. They are 4 phases of a ticket: To-do, in progress, QA and done. You work on a ticket and when you have any questions, you mention it in the meeting and then one of our colleagues can also help you if it’s a familiar issue to them. When it’s a QA ticket, it will be QA’ed by the product owner or the tester. And then it’s done. Our daily stand-up takes 15 minutes max. And every day we work on the tickets. However, there are also priority tickets in order to optimize the user experience.

What motivated you to become a backend developer?

Hosnayen: What programmers do, we solve real-world problems by solving them digitally. The programmers’ first job is solving an issue in a digital or non-traditional way. I like problem-solving and I am also very interested in data structure and algorithms. I studied data structure and algorithms in my Bachelor’s degree. It’s very fascinating when you are solving really critical issues and you can see the result immediately. It’s creative and it feels like riding on a bike.

Which books/tools can you recommend to those interested in working as programmers?

Hosnayen: To become a programmer, it’s really recommended to learn algorithms first. Algorithm is the technique of solving problems. A really important book for programmers is: “Introduction to Algorithms” by Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest and Clifford Stein.

Is it recommended to get IT certifications?

Hosnayen: In my opinion, you don’t need any certifications to become a programmer. It’s more about learning by doing rather than traditional learning systems. You have to feel that it is the right thing for you. If you feel “I am good enough”, you can just learn by doing.

Is there any program that you can recommend for practising programming?

Hosnayen: Everyone does maths in school. If you want to sum numbers, you can also do that by programming. You just have to pick a language like C, C++, Java, Python or php and you can just learn the language and try to sum it up. When you see the result of running your first program, you feel amazing!

Are there specific organizational tools that you use?

Hosnayen: From day to day, we use MySQL, php, phpStorm ide, Laravel und AngularJS.

We heard that you love travelling. What was your most memorable travel experience?

Hosnayen: One year ago I went to Italy and I liked Venice very much. I liked the canals and the lakes. In short, to me Venice is like heaven on earth.

We hope the above information has given you a deeper insight into what it is like to work at our developer department and services at Exporo. If you are curious and want to know more, check out our current job positions or follow us on LinkedInXing or Facebook


Exporo is Germany’s leading digital investing platform for real estate. Opening the real estate market to small investors with as little as € 500 is one of the great benefits of the platform Exporo. Easy, transparent, online processes offer attractive investment projects for everyone! Since its founding in 2014 the number of employees has grown significantly - Exporo has about 75 employees now. A new main office in Hamburg’s Hafencity is another important milestone in Exporo’s strategy to reach even more customers with the new, direct way to invest in real estate market.

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